Pocket Watch – Australian 1930 Penny Brass Antique Finish

Brand: Vintage World
Product Name: Pocket Watch – Australian 1930 Penny Brass Antique finish
Model #: PW100
Pack Contents: Pocket Watch, Chain & Wooden Box With Fitted Plush Ins

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  • 1930s Australian Penny back design hand crafted engraved pocket watch is a classic you need to add to your collection! With a 200mm looped chain that can also un-loop to wear it extended attached to your inner pocket for that hipster flare!

    The unassuming pocket watch has a surprisingly rich history dating back to 15th century Italy, where it was better known as a ‘pocket clock’. And was the most popular choice for a personal time-piece up until World War 1. These days the wrist watch and the mobile phone have replaced these classic fashion show pieces. The Vintage World range of pocket watches each carries their own little slice of history. The decoration on their face matches perfectly with the era represented on the fob watch’s case lid, from the Art Deco styling of The Titanic to 1930’s Australian Penny and even an ANZAC day commemorative imprint with timeless Roman Numeral hours.

    Each fully working, battery powered, clock mechanism is encased in a brass or copper alloy with an antique finish. Whether you like the modern steampunk style or simply have a respect for the train conductors and ship navigators of yesteryear, there is bound to be a pocket watch to suit. They also make extremely popular gift choices for either corporate or personal occasions.
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