Miniature Warrior Helmet – Knight Crusader

Brand: Vintage World
Product Name: Miniature Warrior Helmet – Crusader
Model #: MMH105
Pack Contents: Medieval Crusader Helmet, Wooden stand
Colour: Chrome Finish

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  • Quality hand crafted metal finish mini medieval vintage Crusader helmet. Think back to the medieval days, game of thrones style pure combat between mass armies led by Kings and Queens of this ancient world!

    Like the helmets and men under the m that Vintage World has represented with our Medieval Helmet collection, sometimes their size and grandeur can be a little intimidating (which means they’re doing their job really). So if it’s the majesty of King Leonidas Spartan helmet that you think he’d like on his shelf to admire in perpetuity but there really isn’t the room on this collector’s shelf of memorabilia to fit another plume-topped, life size piece of Corinthian headwear, then just opt for the miniature version.

    Like their counterparts, these miniature helmets of history’s warriors are crafted using traditional techniques and tools from strong and endurable metal alloys, and finished to the same specifications as the original helmets – only on a smaller scale. As a gift, these miniature Medieval Helmets are even more versatile than their full sized brethren yet they are no less attention grabbing and sure to spark a conversation at your next dinner party or boardroom meeting.
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