Electric Pallet Truck

Three kind of products are available:

Electric Pallet 1.2t

Electric Pallet 2.0t EPT20-20RAS

Electric Pallet 2.0t EPT20-ET

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  • Electric Pallet 1.2t :

    • Light service weight, decent capac-ity, suitable for anywhere a hand pallet truck could be used:
      120kg Ultra-light service weight,1200kg high rated
      capacity, come and go freely in small working space
      with 1390mm turning radius.
    • CAN-BUS system:
      CAN-BUS system simplifies operation/maintenance
      level, improves system reliability
    • Patented integrated design:
      Innovative designed sealed hydraulic unit, low noise,
      easy maintenance.
    • Patented non-contact limit switch design:
      New patented non-contact limit switch design,
      improves the reliability.
    • Safety:
      Convenient emergency stop switch, strong driving
      wheel cover, solid battery clip, ensure safety and
    • Battery:
      3.7kg battery replacement, optional
      standby battery extend run time.
    • Patented handle design:
      New design of integral handle head,
      easy to access all control buttons.
    • Patented frame design:
      New frame design, light service
      weight, high strength.
    • Patented key switch design:
      New patented key switch design,integrated
      with u-disk function.
    • Easy maintenance:
      Maintenance free truck design for end users
      to trouble shooting and replace failure part
      by simple instruction, free labor cost.
      SMART panel reflect operation and trouble
      shooting status.


    • Lithium Battery Features: Low selfweight; Maintenance free; Completely sealed, no air pollutionwhen charging; Fastercharging; opportunity charge.
    • BMS Features: over charge protection; over discharge protect; over current protect; over temperature protect.
    • Safe: Lithium-ion battery has passed rigoroustests, including collision, extrusion, needling, burning, high and low temperature to ensure the safety.
    • Charger Features: Fast, compact, smart.

    Electric Pallet 2.0t EPT20-ET:

    • Light service weight, high rated capacity, not limited by floor type: Minimum size vs 2.0ton capacity,with 1465mm turning radius
    • High passability design:  EPT16-ET can easily drive through 100mm height barrier with patent roll-over load wheel and large drive wheel.80mm lowered height and 140mm lifting height giving flexibility for pallet and application.
    • Easy disassembly handle design: Pin through tiller style reduces shipping cost and installation time greatly.
    • DC brushless permenant magnet motor: Life time maintenance free brushless permenant magnet motor.
    • Innovative frame design: Distribute majority weight to bottom chassis by patent designed cylinder structure.
    • Shock absorb chassis design: Special linkage design,minimize the driving difference between smooth ground and rough ground.
    • 48V electronic system: 48V electronic system increases efficiency and reliability.
    • Easy maintenance: Electronic system and batteries can be completely exposed by pressing one-touch locker. Drive wheel can be replaced by loosing one nut. Retractable charging cord.
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    Electric Pallet 1.2t :

    • Standard configuration: 24V 20Ah
    • Battery pack capacity: 24V 20Ah/26Ah
    • Chemical Material: NMC
    • Pack weight(Kg): 3.7/5
    • Charging: 24V10A
    • Pack dimension (including BMS)mm: 200*90*260/200*90*295


    • Standard battery pack capacity/Optional battery pack capacity: 24V 160Ah/ 24V 120Ah/210Ah
    • Chemical Material: NMC
    • Pack weight(Kg): 55/45/70
    • Charger: 24V100A/ 24V50A/100A
    • Pack dimension (including BMS)mm 550*190*500

    Electric Pallet 2.0t EPT20-ET:

    • Rated Capacity up to 2000 Kg
    • Turning Radius: 1465mm
    • Driving Wheels diameter X width: 250X74mm
    • Max. gradeability:- laden|unladen: 8%/16%
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