Before you travel

There are a couple of checks you ought to do before you head out onto the street this Summer. Right off the bat, it is significant that your tow bar is all around fitted and kept up, as this is the primary association between your vehicle and tow vehicle. Your tow bar does now fall inside the transmit of your MOT however you should even now check it for Cracks, genuine rusting and that the bolts are accurately fixed.

Your tyres are the main contact between the street and your vehicle so guarantee that you generally carry an extra wheel. Other parts to double check would be your brakes, electrics and suspension.

When loading a trailer, the load ought to consistently be secured or limited, there ought to be no load projections outside of the trailer that may make threat other street clients and the load ought to be equally appropriated. You can check the noseweight by utilizing one of noseweight marker measures which has a delicate tip to avoid harm to the hitch and give precision inside 3%; this enables you to guarantee the heap does not surpass the vehicles limit.

The law says that you ought to have the option to see plainly down each side of your trailer when towing it. Another legitimate necessity would be a breakaway link; in the impossible occasion of a procession or trailer getting to be disengaged from the vehicle, the link will pull on the troop brakes and afterward snap enabling the convoy to prevent away from the tow vehicle.

When on the road

When you are ready to go and now out on the road, it is essential to abide by the speed limits which are as follows;

·         30mph limit – all roads with street lighting unless signs show otherwise

·         50mph limit – all roads with street lighting unless signs show otherwise

·         60mph limit – all dual carriageways and motorways

As well as abiding by the speed limits, there are some other factors to consider when towing. Always drive within your capabilities and be aware of the weather conditions at the time. You should never brake sharply on a bend and if your trailer or caravan begins to shake, then you should ease off the accelerator.

Securing your trailer or caravan

Once you’ve reached your destination, it is vital that you have Insurance Approved security products to secure your vehicle when on site or even visiting a motorway service station. You should always remember that security devices do not guarantee a unit will not be stolen but it will certainly deter opportunists and slow down the more determined thief.

Once you have taken all these points into consideration, it’s time to enjoy your holiday!

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