Basic tips and tricks to maintain your trailers

A lot of people buy and use trailers extensively, but how many actually spend time maintaining trailers? Not many, which is why there are companies which make a living out of maintaining other peoples trailers. Here GL trailers let you in on some secrets to maintain your trailer well:

Keep the moving parts lubricated

It is imperative to follow this step because any moving part that does not have enough lubrication can cause unwanted friction and damages. Wheel bearings are to be kept greased. These bearings allow the free movement of the wheel and essentially carry the whole trailer. Thus it is important to keep them well lubricated and friction free.

Tyre maintenance

Trailers depend largely on tyres and thus optimising the tyre air pressure according to the load is essential and highly recommended. The air pressure on your trailer must be regulated and changed as per the load. Different kinds of loads call for different levels of air pressure like and there is always a looming hazard of a tyre burst.


Apart from tyre bursts, overloads can cause all sorts of damage to the structural integrity of the trailer. It is important to understand this fact and make the necessary weight changes, or else be ready for the costs that come with overloading. Not just to the trailer, overloading is a road hazard too! In extreme cases, a trailer can tip over and cause irreversible damage around. The trailer being totalled is a cost of its own but the damage done around cause great costs and problems. Thus it is very important to load within the recommended capacity of the trailer.


Dust can wreak havoc on bearings. An important part of trailer maintenance is cleanliness. Keeping the trailer clean has its advantages. While cleaning there is a high chance of spotting a potential problem that could lead to be a big problem in the future. Keeping the trailer clean also makes it a treat for the eyes to see and always ready to use.

Checking reflectors

Checking reflectors and lights ensures visibility of the trailer at night and thus, averts any kind of accidents. A trailer is an extension of a vehicle and it is important to light it up and make it visible for unsuspecting drivers.

Have fun and drive safe! For any inquires you can find us on or feel free to contact us on 03 5278 1989. Alternatively, you can send us an email at [email protected] for further information.

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